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Do Courses qualify for CPE in states other than Pennsylvania?  State boards of accountancy have final authority on the acceptance of individual courses for CPE credit.


Who writes the courses for YourOnlineProfessor? The courses are written primarily by the attorneys of the law firm of Gibson&Perkins, PC. Four of the attorneys who are employed by our firm hold Masters Degrees in Law in Taxation.  Edward Perkins, is also a CPA and a Professor in the Graduate Tax Program of the Villanova Law School and a frequent speaker for the Pennsylvania Bar Institute, the continuing education arm of the Pennsylvania Bar Association.


How many credits can I take online in Pennsylvania in any biennial reporting period? -  Pennsylvania CPAs are required to obtain 80 hours of CPE credits per biennial period.  The 80 credit hours must include at least 16 credit hours in Accounting and Auditing subjects and 8 credit hours in Tax subjects.  In addition, there is a minimum requirement of 20 credit hours per year. The Courses offered by are classified as self-study or distance learning programs.  If you are a CPA in Pennsylvania, the State Board accepts credit from individual study programs, however, the maximum continuing education credit from self-study courses is limited to 50% of the biennial requirement, or 40 hours.

How do I obtain a refund if I am not satisfied with a Course I've paid for? -  It is the policy of to satisfy participants and purchasers in a reasonable manner.  Therefore, refunds to dissatisfied participants will be given in order to maintain good will.  However, the reason for a participant's dissatisfaction and any resulting refund must be clearly indicated. Each refund request will be reviewed by a majority of the members of  A refund is always given if a Course does not qualify for CPE credit in the state in which the purchaser seeks to apply it for credit.


If I do not pass the Exam for credit the first time may I take the Examination again? - At the end of each Course, you will have the option of exiting the Course or taking the CPE Examination for CPE Credit.  If you decide to take the Course for CPE Credit, you will be asked to pay for the course at that point. A grade of 70% or above is required to obtain CPE credit.  If you do not pass on your first attempt, you may retake the exam at no additional cost as many times as needed. Upon successful completion of the CPE exam, a certificate will be emailed directly to you. will also retain a record of your completion of the course.

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