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Record Retention Policy  -  Consistent with Standard 19 of NASBA's Standards for CPE Program Sponsors, it is YOP's policy to retain adequate documentation for five years to support compliance with NASBA and the reports that may be required of participants.
The documentation that evidences of compliance with these responsibilities which are retained:

      – Records of participation.
      – Dates, times and locations (if live).
      – Instructor names and credentials.
      – The number of CPE credits earned by participants.
      – Results of program evaluations.
      – Program materials.
      – Evidence that the program materials were developed and reviewed by
            qualified parties, and
      – A record of how CPE credits were determined

Refund Policy - It is the policy of to satisfy participants and purchasers in a reasonable manner. Therefore, refunds to dissatisfied participants will be given in order to maintain goodwill. However, the reason for a participant's dissatisfaction and any resulting refund must be clearly indicated. Each refund request will be reviewed by a majority of the members of A refund is always given if a course does not qualify for CPE credit in the state in which the purchaser seeks to apply it for credit.
Program Cancellation Policy - It is the policy of to refund in full any fees paid in the event that a scheduled program is cancelled or rescheduled.
Complaint Resolution Policy - All evaluations are reviewed by Edward Perkins. Grievance complaints are directed to Mr. Perkins at (610) 565-1708 ext. 102 or via email to It is the policy of to respond to every grievance complaint. This response shall include when appropriate: reviewing the grievance complaint in conjunction with other participant evaluations and discussion of the grievance complaint with the course instructor or other employees.
Course Update Policy - YOP's policy is to have each webinar program reviewed in the case of new programs prior to initial presentation and updated in the case of the re-presentation of a program which has been presented at an earlier date by a qualified person other than the person who developed the program to assure that the program is technically accurate and current and addresses the stated learning objectives. These reviews occur before the first presentation of the program. Since all of our programs have been in the field of study of taxes, a tax attorney holding a LLM in Taxation has been the reviewer in each case. Any programs outside the field of study of taxes will be reviewed consistent with this policy by an expert in that field of study.
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